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The Luxembourg Flying Disc Federation (LFDF) was created in 2006 to promote disc sports and disc athletes both in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and around the world. Our mission is to increase awareness of disc sports, share in the building of these sports, foster the Spirit of fair play and make them accessible to anyone interested in these endeavours. We join our international friends in pursuing these goals as part of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF).


Through its partner association, the Luxembourg Field Sports Federation (LFSF), the LFDF is also an official member of the National Olympic Committee of Luxembourg (COSL).


Our members

Ultimate deLux, short UDL, is home for all Ultimate Frisbee lovers in Luxembourg since 2006.

The Disc Golf Club Luxembourg, founded in 2020, brings the world of Disc Golf to the Grand duchy. 

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We need your help in spreading the word. If you are interested in playing, creating, coaching or just about anything else related to disc sports, please contact us at to get involved with this most dynamic and fast growing sport! Luxembourg’s Flying Disc Federation looks forward hearing from you!!!